Carol Robson

Carol’s main subject is the face and figure, caught in reflective moments or dynamic action. Her oil paintings and prints derive from exploratory drawing and photographic references.

Her oil portraits, which focus on the contemplative inner self more than a public or social image, aim to capture a typical mood or state of mind. They use a colour palette that is expressive of personality and often include freely painted textiles personal to the subject. Some employ multiple images to explore personality.

Carol also uses a range of printmaking techniques – dry point etching, lino, screen printing and collagraph. This enables a variety of fine and broad mark-making and great scope for image layering. Some works show individuals absorbed in a task or place; others reflect Carol’s long term interest in watching Dance and depict the energy, poise and emotional expressiveness of this art form.

Carol is currently engaged on commissions as well as developing work for forthcoming exhibitions.