Kelly O’Gorman

“Kelly’s elaborate doodles entice the viewer into another world, not always apparent at first glance. Her work is an insight to her thoughts and imagination; this coupled with her immaculate drawing skills, is the reason why her work has proved so popular with our customers and other collectors”. Emmeline Webb, gallery owner at the Art Nest, 2013

Kelly first graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a Bachelor of Arts in 3D Modelling and Animation; from here she continued her studies with a Masters Degree in Digital Practices in Design, graduating in 2004. However it was after graduation that a desire to escape the computer and return to hand drawn imagery led her to start on her journey as a visual artist.

It all began with a small picture drawn fifteen years ago (aptly entitled Doodle) made with blue biro on a sheet of A4 paper. She came across the drawing ten years later and her current work stemmed from there. Her work is mainly black ink on paper or board but more recently it has included colour; a reflection, she says, of what’s happening in her life at this time.

Kelly's influences are varied, but recently she has been taking a lot of inspiration from the natural world and themes of femininity.