Marek Emczek Olszewski

Marek is a Polish-born fine art photographer based in London.

"I use the medium of photography freely and instinctively, at times beyond its conventional role, form and expectations. Constantly experimenting: with movement, textures, reflections, light, shadows, angles. Discovering new ways of expression, new meanings. Attempting to move imaginations. From sharp, colourful geometric shots to soft and calming seascapes. From minimalist to complex. Looking for beauty and poetry in the mundane. Hunting for treasures".

Marek is currently working on 'Liminal', a series of long exposure photographs. It is his vision of the interaction between light and darkness, good and evil, ever changing energy in our lives and impermanence of our existence.

Marek has exhibited in London, Brighton, Brussels, Barcelona and the South of France and has won several photographic and art awards. His achievements have been covered in print and online media.