Paul Regan

Paul paints mysterious, atmospheric night scenes of the North London suburbs where he lives. His paintings are quiet and melancholic, with a feeling of tension and unease.

Paul's work is cinematic, inspired by the likes of Hitchcock and Lynch and photographers such as Jeff Wall and Gregory Crewdson. His painting influences come from artists of the past, such as de Chirico, Whistler and Corot, and artists working today, notably George Shaw and David Inshaw.

In recent years, Paul's paintings have been selected for a number of prestigious exhibitions in London: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Threadneedle Prize, ING Discerning Eye 2012 (London region winner) & 2013, BBC2's Show me the Monet and the Cork Street Open. In 2013 he was also selected as Estelle Lovatt's Critics' Secret.

Paul is Managing Director of Insight School of Art in Barnet, North London and the founder of the North London Artist Network.