Sumi Zushi

Sumi is inspired by nature, by the complexity of light and colour, and by the pattern and the rhythm that it creates. She strives to capture these ephemeral qualities and translate them onto the canvas. She paints mainly in oil, and prefers to work plein-air to absorb the qualities of the subject landscape with all of her senses. Her brushwork can be energetic, conveying the emotion that stems from the immediacy of her experience within the landscape.

Sumi has worked in various environments and has captured the beauty of late autumn in Vermont, winter snow in Northern Ontario and the cherry blossom season in Japan. Once she has fully developed the colour technique for an individual piece, she often paints from intuition in order to create a more dream-like scene.

Sumi recently exhibited her Cherry Blossom series at a solo show at the Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto.